Picture movie

Photo's "Nemo" for the Magazin " Stadtgeschnupper " 2007/2008


ADVERTISMENT photos's "Nemo" for the company Benecke Kaliko display in a car magazine for noble vehicle interiors


Photo's on the Set "The indomitable Heart"





Gyula Trebitsch TV production 's

remake of the novel's "Angelique" for the ARD


stage direction: Karl Kases




Comtesse de Beaumarchaise

Gesche Tebbenhoff



Bettina Zimmermann


Marquis de Maleville

Miguel Herz-Kestranek


Bernd Herzsprung

Konstanze Breitebner

Sonja Kirchberger

Ditmar Schönherr

Stefan Jürgens

Mareike Lindenmeyer

Miroslav Nemec

Andreas Schlager

Rene Hofschneider

Johannes Herrschmann

Berthold Toetzke


The shooting began with Gladys as the dog Chou-Chou of the Comtesse de Beaumarchaise, Sweety (stand-in), and Apollo (for the tone) in the 8/27/2002 to 9/18/2002 in the baroque castle Bruchsal, to Schwetzingen and the water castle of Anholt in castle Issel.

Broadcasting appointment was the 1/2/2004 and 1/3/2004
and 11. and 4/12/2004 of MDR sent




In trade as a DVD available


Photo's on the Set "Vera Brühne"

Constantin Film Production GMBH

producer Bernd Eichinger


stage direction: Hark Bohm




Vera Brühne

Corinna Harfouch


Dr.Dietrich Schwarz

Anton Pointecker


Stephanie Virno

Mavie Hörbiger


Elisabeth "Lisl" Huhn

Juliane Binsch



Udo Wachtveitl


The shooting with "Happy" and "Moritz" took place from 09.06.2001 08.29.2001 up in a Villa in Eching Ammersee instead. Broadcast Slot was Spring 2002




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