in all four colours tricolour, blenheim, black&tan
and ruby. Carefully well-chosen parental animals, with a

special breeding recommendation, being-firmly,
open likeable, sympathetically, absolutely intrepidly,
high-class position terms in the middle of the
family. Several times excellently values
at international breeding looking,


radiographical examined, freely from
hip displasia (HD) and patella dislocation (PL).


Echocardiographie checking, Heart-healthy.


is scanned clear for Syringomyelia


DNA profile registered

Clear of Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrom

Clear of Episodic Falling






Our Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel as stars for
Photo advertisement, film and television productions. Experienced ones
Animal trainer the already commissioner Rex, little pig Babe,
Willy Wuff coached, bring our Cavalieren in such a way
something with. How retrieve, bark be sad, car
go, but drive coach, people jump,
Receivers hang up, bath stoppers pull out
pretend to be dead, with shot drop dead, and a lot more.
Photos: Gladys plays the leading role in the new filming of the novel "Angelique" for the ARD, in
"The dauntless heart", as the dog "Chou-Chou" of the Comtesse de Beaumarchaise.





Our Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel as
qualified therapy dogs and accompanying dogs for
Newspaper report: They are to the person a hand,
Leg and ear. Fränzi the small one
Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel is special for
Renate Schiller trains. He "hears" in future for
the deaf and dumb person.
Fränzi makes thereby easier the everyday life
of the disabled persons.


Our Cavaliere visit for many years the old centre
Wolfgang's pencil in home Crailsheim and are a welcome one
Change and enrichment of the often rather monotonous one
Of home everyday life.
For a good 20 old people is the meeting with him
small Cavalieren every time an experience.
One is able to do the positive change with some old ones
To people do not describe at all
Experience day

"Goldkiste" Goldbach

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