Therapy dogs...
It is certainly not a new discovery that dogs have positive effects on our emotional world, in various physiological functions of our bodies and ultimately may have on our health. The mere presence of a dog in the same room leads to a lowering of blood pressure and to reduce feelings of stress.
Dogs do not ask about disabilities or social problems, they respond directly to the love and care that they actually removed
is. Stroking a dog gives you the feeling of security, camaraderie, consistency, and intimacy and contributes to physical and psychological well-being.


The visiting service
Our goal is to old, sick, disabled and disadvantaged people to help in therapy with our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Therefore, we will visit as volunteers of the association, founded in 1987 in WŘrzburg "Animals help people eV" the residents of nearby elderly, disabled and children to pet homes or walking.

With this visit, bring the four-legged helper program variety, warmth and joy to the people around her are most in need, and keep the animal itself can not.


The joy of visiting nursing home residents and children is great everywhere, and the response from the home directors and the staff is very positive. We also volunteers as well as two-legged self-report to have much fun at our "work" and may "bright eyes", "happy tears" and other beautiful experiences during the visits.



"vom goldenen MŘhlbach" (FCI)
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